Are Polarised Sunglasses better than normal Sunglasses?

When looking at a flat surface like a road, the surface of still water, or the bonnet of a car, there is a lot of light reflected from the surface.  This can be very dazzling and cause a lot of glare.  Most of the light from a surface like this is reflected in the horizontal direction instead of being scattered in several directions.
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Colour Vision Deficiency …. What difference does it make ?

Colour vision is the ability to see differences in the wavelength of light reflected by different objects.  

Some people find it difficult to distinguish between certain colours.  This is known as colour deficiency.  The most common colours that people mix up are red and green.    Approximately 8% of men, and 0.5% of women have colour deficiency.  A simple test will determine if your colour vision is normal.   Read More »

Help stop your Child’s vision deteriorating!

Does your child need stronger glasses nearly every time they visit the optician? Do you wish you could help to stop the vision deteriorating?

Time Spent Outdoors

  • One of the only things proven to slow myopia progression is the amount of time spent outdoors.
  • Regardless of how much reading or computer work is done indoors, time spent outside will help stop vision deteriorating. So it seems it’s ok to allow your child play computer games, once you send them outside afterwards!
  • Research done in Australia has shown that 12 hours a week spent outdoors is beneficial for this purpose.

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Would you child benefit from Contact Lenses ?

Growing up can be a difficult experience at times, and it can be nice to have the option of contact lenses for certain occasions.

Recently, one of our optometrists fitted a 10 year old boy with contacts. He enjoyed playing sports, but found that glasses could be cumbersome, and there was always a risk of the glasses getting damaged.

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Tip: Reading by the pool in comfort ?

So you have prescription sunglasses for all your outdoor activities, but reading outdoors is something you only do when on holidays.

Tip: Upgrade your free second pair of prescription spectacles to a pair of sunglasses with a multifocal lenses and read in comfort by the pool.

Blend in and stand out like Angelia Jolie!


Sunglasses are fabulous if you just want to hide behind, or stand out as being up with the latest trends.

Tods sunglasses and spectacles are both beautifully crafted and designed, and also have that uber cool look that is right on trend.  Tods are hitting all the right notes for discerning sunglasses wearers.

The frames below are just a small selection from our frames in stock today.  Come in and see if you can blend in and stand out!.





Time for Sport

The balance between protecting your eyes and giving 110% on the sports field is made easier if you invest wisely.

If you are swimming you will need protection from microbes that live in the water. A good set of prescription goggles makes an amazing difference to your under-water experience.

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I calculated my risk of AMD and I was surprised !

I lead a healthy life style and have no AMD (Age related Macular Degeneration) history in my family, but yet it was calculated that I would have a 20% risk of being affected by AMD by the age of 70.  Not a very nice thought. There were a number of simple steps that could reduce the risk by 10% points. That is something worth doing.

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A Workout for your eyes

Exercise your Eyes!

When you think of exercise, you think of heavy workouts.

We do not realise the importance of exercising our eyes as well as the rest of your body.

Muscles including the eye muscles need exercise to remain strong and healthy.

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Can Nuts and Seafood help you see better ?

Nuts and Seafood can help you see better !

Deficiency in essential fatty acids such as Omega 3 & 6 can lead to visual problems including poor night vision and other problems with visual, spatial and attention processing.

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Flights dry your eyes out

Going on a plane this summer..?

If you are planning a journey by air this summer, here are some handy tips for lens wearers:

  • Bring some eye drops in your hand luggage and use them whenever your eyes feel dry during the flight.
  • The air conditioning on planes recirculates the air and can dry up the surface of your eyes. This can cause them to feel uncomfortable and irritated.
  • On long flights it is advisable to remove your contact lenses and wear your spectacles during the flight. This will help stop your eyes from feeling gritty and tired, leaving you ready to enjoy your holiday.

New ranges of Swarovski in Stock

  • We are now stocking a range of exquisitely designed frames from Daniel Swarovski.
  • They are rimless frames, with intricate detail on the sides.
  • Neutral styles to match every outfit.
  • If you don’t want your photos from those special occasions to date over the years, these glasses are timeless, as they are almost invisible from the front.
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Georgio Armani latest looks

Spectacle trends are definitely becoming more vintage / classic and high quality. Georgio Armani collections reflect this vintage classical fashionable style.

Fabulous style is always in fashion, and if you want to make the best of what you got, well what a better place to start than your eyes. What gets noticed more than any other part of you ? Your eyes.

Frame shapes are changing and 2011 is a wonderful year as styles take inspiration from the 70’s vintage. Watch these short videos and get a feel for what’s hot today.

Frames you will not see everywhere!

Tod’s Eyewear
The Finest Italian Eyewear in the world of luxury, Tod’s is not only a demonstration of finest Italian artisanship, but distinguishes itself by drawing on classic traditions.

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The best frames of 2011 from Armani

These are our staff picks of best frames from the house of Armani for 2011. We hope you like them. While two of these look the same, they are not and they look different when worn.


Tips for tired eyes !

Vision and VDUs

Are you feeling goggle-eyed after prolonged VDU use?  Are your eyes red and sore towards the end of the day?

Read on for some top tips to make computer use less tiring on your eyes.

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How do you know you need glasses ?


Well you don’t!.  You might think it is obvious, but deteriorating eyesight tends to creep up on you.  Sight loss tends to be gradual and it only becomes apparent when you compare with someone else’s superior ability to see a small object at a distance or you find you are holding small print further away or you seek better light to read small print. These are all signs of deteriorating eyesight.

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Natural Sunglasses help prevent Blindness

What might natural sunglasses look like ?

Leutin is a naturally occurring organic pigment which helps absorb damaging blue and UV light.  It occurs primarily in fruits and vegetables and helps protect the plant from damaging sunlight.

When we ingest Leutin it  concentrates in the area in the centre of the retina called the macula.  Lutein protects the macula by filtering out potentially damaging forms of light and therefore has been christened our “natural sun-glasses” due to its ability to protect the eyes against radiation damage by acting as an optic filter and an antioxidant.

Corn, egg yolks, spinach, kale, romaine lettuce, peas, leeks and greens all contain high concentrations of Lutein.  However you may not be getting sufficient Leutin as there are many other factors which cause AMD (age related macular degeneration) and you could be at risk.

Why not reduce that risk by taking Leutin Supplements such as Macushield

AMD – Age Related Macular Degeneration: What you can do about it!

Quit smoking:

Cigarette smoking: Cigarette smoking is one of the most important and established risk factors for visually consequential AMD. The current evidence is broadly consistent across a range of study designs. Indeed, the risk of developing visually consequential AMD is two to three times greater among current smokers when compared with people who never smoked cigarettes.

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What will really cause you to go blind!

No, its not what you might think…….

The most common cause of blindness in Ireland is age related macular degeneration.  The good news is that there are many steps you can take to avoid being struck down by this horrid disease. Our calculator can identify a variety of strategies to help you make a difference. The motivation to make the changes is up to you.  The following graph identifies the  major causes of blindness in the Western World.  Why not call in and ask about our AMD calculator.


Donate your old spectacles and transform lives

Mozambique Eye Care Project

Donate your old spectacles!

Dr. James Loughman, Lecturer at the Optometry Department of the DIT is our resident Optometrist in Blanchardstown on Wednesday evenings and Sundays. James is also the Chair of the ” Giving Sight National Committee in Ireland”.

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Cheap Varifocals versus Superior Varifocals

  • Varifocals have the distance prescription at the top of the lens, so when you’re looking straight ahead, things should be clear far away.
  • There is a gradual change in the prescription from top to bottom of the lens, where your reading area is located.
  • Because all these powers are blended together in the lens, there are distortions at the sides of the lenses, and only a central channel in the lens has clear vision.

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Alison helps save a life

A 47 year old man recently attended our practice for an eye test.  He complained of a cloud over his right eye when driving.  He had pins and needles in his hands and feet, and a loss of power over the previous few days.

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