Help stop your Child’s vision deteriorating!

Does your child need stronger glasses nearly every time they visit the optician? Do you wish you could help to stop the vision deteriorating?

Time Spent Outdoors

  • One of the only things proven to slow myopia progression is the amount of time spent outdoors.
  • Regardless of how much reading or computer work is done indoors, time spent outside will help stop vision deteriorating. So it seems it’s ok to allow your child play computer games, once you send them outside afterwards!
  • Research done in Australia has shown that 12 hours a week spent outdoors is beneficial for this purpose.

Don’t hold book too close

  • Make sure your child doesn’t get in the habit of holding books too close, or sit too near the computer screen.
  • After focusing very close up, the eye muscles can cramp there. This means that afterwards, focusing in the distance can prove difficult, and may lead to an increase in short-sightedness over time.
  • When they read, encourage children to hold the book a little further away, and to look in the distance often to stop the eye muscles cramping.