Are Polarised Sunglasses better than normal Sunglasses?

When looking at a flat surface like a road, the surface of still water, or the bonnet of a car, there is a lot of light reflected from the surface.  This can be very dazzling and cause a lot of glare.  Most of the light from a surface like this is reflected in the horizontal direction instead of being scattered in several directions.

Polarised lenses cut out all the glare in the horizontal direction, allowing you to see past those reflections.  This enhances the colours visible beneath the reflection, the contrast of the object , and increases the overall visual comfort for the wearer.  They are excellent for general use, and also for activities such as water sports and driving

Because the technology in this type of lens cuts out so much glare, the lens itself doesn’t need to be as strongly tinted as regular sunglasses.  This means that they can be used more often, as they’re not excessively dark to look through.  Also, when you’re driving you won’t have to take them on and off  as much as normal sunglasses if the weather gets duller (as it tends to do a lot in Ireland!).

However, they should be used with caution while skiing, as they may cut out so much glare that the wearer might find it difficult to differentiate between snow and ice.