How do you know you need glasses ?


Well you don’t!.  You might think it is obvious, but deteriorating eyesight tends to creep up on you.  Sight loss tends to be gradual and it only becomes apparent when you compare with someone else’s superior ability to see a small object at a distance or you find you are holding small print further away or you seek better light to read small print. These are all signs of deteriorating eyesight.

The only real way of determining if you need glasses is to call in for a sight examination. There are many other diseases which can be detected in a sight examination and often early detection can prevent further deterioration of certain diseases.

An eye examination re recommended at least ever two years. Your enhanced eye examination at our practices is the “Rolls Royce” of eye examinations.  All eye examinations are not the same. Our enhanced eye examination takes approximately 30 minutes, where as a standard eye examination can generally be performed in about 15 minutes.  Your sight is precious and is not one to scrimp on.