Can Nuts and Seafood help you see better ?

Nuts and Seafood can help you see better !

Deficiency in essential fatty acids such as Omega 3 & 6 can lead to visual problems including poor night vision and other problems with visual, spatial and attention processing.

The retina is the part of the eye that receives light signals which are transmitted to the brain by the nerves. 30 – 50% of the retina should be made up from omega 3 fatty acid DHA. Without this main component, the signalling capacity of the retina can be reduced by more than 1000 times! Omega 3 can be found in oily fish, seafood, wild game, and some organic meats. Omega 6 can be found in vegetable oils, nuts, seeds, grains and dairy produce.

It is important to have these two Omegas in your diet to help with proper visual development and retinal functions.