Recession busting strategy for smart eyewear

Easy on the eye (and your pocket!)

We don’t normally blog about promotions and deals here, however this one is an exception and it was just too good not to let you know about it. 

We are currently running a great deal with Johnson and Johnson Oasys contact lenses. When you buy your first 6 months supply of these lenses, you will receive a €60 voucher to spend on anything in the practice. It can be used against anything , such as glasses, sunglasses or you can put it towards your next supply of contact lenses.

Oasys are two weekly contact lenses. They are a great alternative to daily disposable and monthly contact lenses. They’re more hygienic than monthlies, as you change them twice as often. However, a six month’s supply costs very little extra compared to monthly lenses. They work out significantly cheaper than dailies if you wear lenses frequently.

They are made from a comfortable, thin, breathable material that feels like you’re wearing no lens at all.

Call in today to try these lenses. You will be surprised at how natural they feel in the eye, and this current offer is one not to be missed!