Are you always cleaning your glasses ?

Some cheaper anti-glare coatings can make glasses very difficult to keep clean.  These budget coatings get smudged very easily, should anything touch them.  Most glasses wearers know how irritating it can be, constantly cleaning grubby lenses.

We recommend a Crizal Forte anti-glare lens coat.  This scotchgard coating has a number of great benefits:

  • It is very tough, and doesn’t scratch easily.
  • It’s smudge resistant, and will stay cleaner than other lenses.
  • It is also easier to clean, when it does get dirty .
  • It lets through 99% of light, (up to 30% more light than cheaper alternatives), and minimises reflections and glare.

It’s a little more expensive than standard anti glare coatings, but well worth it when you consider the extra benefits.