Superior Quality progressive lenses

What is the difference between a Superior quality progressive lens and a simple progressive lens?
The difference is often found in the quality of the workmanship or in the age of the progressive lens design. While Superior quality progressive lenses are developed and manufactured with the help of the latest calculation and manufacturing methods, simple progressive lenses often have outdated designs.
This results in differences in the wearing comfort and the vision quality. Product characteristics like the high spontaneous compatibility and the large, clear visual areas of Superior quality progressive lenses cannot be offered in this form by simple progressive lenses, which means the spectacles’ wearer has to expect losses in comfort and quality.

Which ophthalmic lens is right for the workplace (e.g. for working with a monitor)?
Conventional reading glasses are often inadequate at the workplace, because they only provide the necessary sharpness in a small radius.
Therefore, for relaxed vision at the workplace, we recommend our Indoor computer vision lenses. They are especially well suited for close-up activities with a main visual zone of approx. 40 cm and beyond and have a considerably expanded visual zone compared to conventional reading spectacles.
You can achieve the greatest visual comfort for all up close activities with the individual near vision lens. The lenses are individually matched to your completely personal visual requirements through the inclusion of factors such as your pupil distance and the shape of your frames.