Progressive Lenses

Progressive Lenses (also called “no-line bifocals”) offer a continuous, gradual change in prescription strength from the lower (reading correction) to the upper (distance correction) portion of the lens, providing clear vision at all distances. Progressive lenses derive their name from the fact that they have progressively more magnification from the top to the bottom of the lens. In a sense, progressives are similar to bifocals or trifocals without the lines.

You may be new to multifocal or progressive lenses – you may have even tried them before. Either way, our opticians will make every effort to understand your visual needs so that we prescribe the optimal multifocal lens for you. The early generation multifocal lenses resulted in a large amount of peripheral visual distortions. The latest free form or personalised progressives will provide you wide, clear, comfortable vision at all distances without significant peripheral distortion or blurring.

Progressive Lenses are not all the same

Are you taking on and taking off your spectacles constantly ?

There are many advantages to wearing progressive lenses or varifocal lenses instead of traditional bifocal lenses. Varifocal lenses have a gradual change from the distance prescription to the near prescription. In between the two, there is an intermediate prescription that is great for computer work. Bifocal lenses aren’t ideal for computer work, as you have to tilt your head back to see through the reading portion of the lens, creating potential back and neck pain.

More modern varifocals have less distortions and more functioning area in the lens. There are numerous lenses on the market. Choosing new generations of varifocals means that you will benefit from the latest advances in lens technology, allowing you comfort all day long.

Think about it… a lot of people put their glasses on first thing in the morning and wear them all day long. They help with absolutely everything that you do, from looking at your watch to reading text messages to driving your car. It is important to have the glasses that will give you visual comfort in everything that you do.

As a Gold Varilux Specialist Optical outlet, our dispensing staff are fully trained to help you find the most suitable progressive lens on the market for you.

We also have the latest generation of technology to carry out sight examinations and eye tests to check for vision loss and assess the need for progressive lenses. Our opticians and optometrists will be able to help you on your needs. Why not make an appointment with us today or call in to any of our branches.