Anti-Glare/Anti-Scratch/Anti-Smudge/Water Repellant

botoxphotoAnti glare treatments are one of the most beneficial choices you can make when choosing your lenses. Anti-reflective lenses cut down on night time glare. They take the starburst effect of lights away and reduce reflections from fluorescent lighting. They also help with eyestrain if you do a lot of computer work.
When purchasing anti-reflective lenses, it is important to get the coating embedded in the lens, rather than a surface mounted coat which will chip and wear away. Embedded treatments also have ultra violet light and anti-scratch included in the lens. We recommend the Crizal Forte lens as an advanced anti scratch, anti smudge, anti-dust, anti-glare lens. A picture tells a thousand worlds so please click on any of the pictures below to see the difference: