Occupational Lenses

Do you find that during work, that you are removing your reading glasses for considerable periods of your working time or find it difficult to change focus to different distances? Perhaps it is time to consider the latest generation of combined close and middle distance lenses which can increase your range of clear vision. Why continue to wear glasses but still experience vision loss?


Many activities may involve working at arm’s length, such as shopping, doing housework, preparing meals, having conversations etc. However few prescriptions are dispensed with these types of lenses by high street chains. These problems tend to worsen with age and people over 40 start experiencing visual acuity problems as well. With our latest generation of technologies, we can carry out a battery of eye tests. These will include checking which problems are causing the symptoms you are experiencing. We will also check for age related conditions such as glaucoma and macular degeneration.

If you are reluctant to wear you reading spectacles all the time, but hate the on/off routine or if you want to make your second pair of spectacles more suitable for mid range vision, you have discovered the right practice. Our staff specialise in fitting these types of lenses.

At Mairead O’Leary Opticians

We are certified as an Essilor Gold Standard Practice. This means our optometrists and dispensing opticians are fully qualified to advise you on the correct type of occupational lens that is most suitable for you. Following a sight examination with an optician, we will endeavour to understand your working habits and lifestyle, allowing us to gauge what type of lens would suit you best. Call in to our branches in Blanchardstown or Rathmines, and we will be happy to cater to your needs. Alternatively, contact us if you have any questions for us.