High Index (Thin) Lenses

highindex1It is important to consider the frames and lenses that will combine to make a stylish pair of spectacles. If you have a strong prescription, high index lenses in your glasses may be the option for you. They are thinner and flatter than conventional lenses, so they look much better and feel a lot more comfortable to wear!

The cosmetic benefits of High Index Lenses do not compromise the visual benefits you would expect from a high quality lens. High quality High Index lenses are coated with an anti-reflective coating as standard. This reduces glare and dazzle, while protecting your lenses from scratching and also has the added health benefit of UV protection.

Choosing High Index Lenses

High Index Lenses are available in both single vision and progressive lenses. They also come in a range of tints, including photochromatic variable tints which are clear indoors but darken in sunlight to give maximum comfort for your eyes. An optician will be able to guide you on the advantages of the different options.

There are numerous lens types which all vary in weight, strength, durability, thickness, flatness, optical quality, ability to transmit light and ultimately – price.

Our optometrists and qualified dispensing opticians can help you navigate this complexity and find the best lens for you based on your sight examination, your lifestyle and your pocket. It is important to remember is that not all lenses are the same and invariably you get what you pay for. Make an appointment with us or call in to our branches and we will be happy to help you.