Contact Lenses

Nearly everyone can wear contact lenses (after a consultation with an eyecare professional). Nowadays you can have total comfort, and you don’t have to worry about cleaning them – you can go for daily disposables or even ones that stay in your eyes for up to a month!

Advantages of Contact Lenses

  • If you lead an active lifestyle, you know that glasses can sometimes be an inconvenience. Imagine how much better you could perform with contact lenses for sports activities, or not having to worry about rain when playing sports outdoors!
  • Contact lenses reduce or eliminate optical distortion compared to glasses. They give a realistic object size and distance, and an unrestricted visual field.

Getting Used To Your Contact Lenses

There are numerous brands of contact lenses available from different manufacturers. Each of these has different materials and fit differently in the eye. Your optician will measure the curve of your cornea and decide which lens will best suit your individual needs.

An inital contact lens fitting will include:

  • Checking your prescription
  • Assessing the health of your cornea
  • Inserting a lens to see how it fits your eye, how comfortable it feels and the level of vision you are achieving with it
  • Finding the best lens type to suit your eye
  • Teaching you how to put the lenses in and out
  • Teaching you how to care for your lenses
  • Giving you a trial of lenses to take home to see how they work for you
  • A check up on another date after you have been wearing the trial lenses to assess how well they are working and to make sure they are not damaging your eyes before ordering a supply.

Inserting contact lenses can take a little practice and patience. Once you get used to them, you’ll be able to insert and remove your lenses in seconds.