Workplace Eye-care – Employer Obligations

Sample VDU Policy

Sample VDU policy for adding to your corporate intranet.

Colour Vision and Occupational Issues

Many professions require perfect colour vision as a prerequisite to taking up employment. It is a good idea to bring your son or daughter for a colour vision test when considering career opportunities. Very few people are totally colour blind, but there are many who have deficiencies in recognising particular colours. This is more common in males and is often undiagnosed until they complete a dedicated colour vision test e.g. the Ishihara colour test.

The visual requirements for pilots are one of the most demanding. The visual requirements for other occupations, e.g. electricians are not as strict. You might fail the pilots test, but pass on the electrical wire test. View minimum standards of eyesight for occupations.

Safety Spectacles and Goggles

Inadequate protection of your eyes at the workplace from hazardous materials, thermal, radiation and mechanical or physical dangers can lead to blindness, loss of earnings, and lawsuits. There are many industry standards and regulations covering such hazards. However there is no “one size fits all”. Everyone’s needs and circumstances must be assessed individually. There are numerous types of safety spectacles and goggles in the market place and choosing the correct one is a specialist job.

You need an optometrist who has access to the widest range of suppliers of safety spectacles and goggles, and who has the experience of working with companies for many years.

We have been supplying safety spectacles and goggles to industrial companies and corporations for over 20 years. We can provide on-site testing services or in-practice. Once a full assessment is documented on the potential safety hazards facing a staff member, we can advise on the most appropriate safety eyewear for that individual. You can relax knowing that your workforce’s eyes are well protected from the hazards in your business. We are a specialist Bolle outlet and supply a wide range of safety eyewear.

Driver Sight Testing

The Department of the Environment requires all drivers and learners to have an eye screening test when applying for a driving licence. The form is only valid for one month, so you should wait until you have passed your theory test before arranging your appointment. Download the form.

Drivers requirements:

You require a Driver Vision Certification, stating that you are visually fit to drive when you apply for a licence for the first time. You have no obligation if you already have a licence (unless you are over 70 years of age).  Your application for a learner permit must be accompanied by a satisfactory eyesight report. This report may be completed by any of our optometrists and you must sign the eyesight report form in the presence of one of our optometrists. The completion date must be within one month of the date of application at an NDLS centre.

An eyesight report form is needed where you previously wore glasses/lenses and are no longer required to do so. It is also needed in certain cases when exchanging a licence from another country outside of the EU.

It is a legal requirement to have your eyes checked to determine if you meet the driving standards without glasses or with your current prescription. Even if you meet the standards without glasses, it may be beneficial to have a comprehensive eye examination done instead of just a screening. Our dedicated optometrists will carry out the required sight examinations and provide any necessary correction. It’s possible that you may benefit from a slight prescription to ensure that you have the best vision possible for driving, especially at night. Those extra few metres of visual recognition might be the difference that saves a life and avoids a serious accident.

Corporate Discount

If your firm nominates us as the preferred supplier for VDU screening, you and your family may claim a 10% discount on all of your purchases at any of our stores. Offer not in conjunction with additional or other offers.