Sample VDU Policy

In some professions, the liability is on the employer to provide adequate Health & Safety training and equipment such as safety glasses to prevent vision loss in hazardous conditions.  More than ever the challenge to find, retain and develop your staff  means that your employees’ safety is well looked after, Each employer has a unique approach. Many employers might provide discounts for items such as spectacles or contact lenses.

For your Intranet:

All new staff who work with VDUs are entitled to an Eye Screening Test. Eye Screening tests are then available every 2 years for users of visual display screens.

Should a staff member wish to avail of this service, please advise the Health & Safety/ Personnel Office before making an appointment with Mairead O’Leary Opticians, with whom arrangements are in place to provide this test.

Mairead O’Leary Opticians, Swan Centre, Rathmines, Dublin 6, Phone 01-4970516.

Mairead O’Leary Opticians, 246 Blanchardstown Centre, Dublin 15, Phone 01-8202900.

The Health & Safety / Personnel Office will pay O’Leary Opticians directly for the Eye Test. If you attend another Optician please pay them directly and claim reimbursement from this office, subject to a maximum fee of €25.

Where glasses are required for VDU use the cost of standard lenses only may be paid by the Health & Safety / Personnel Office and €78 may be paid towards the cost of frames including lenses. All claims must be submitted to the Health & Safety / Personnel Office with the relevant receipts from your Optician. Please include your staff number with all claims.

The Health & Safety office must receive a report from the Optician stating that glasses are required for VDU use before any payment is made.