Are you getting more short-sighted ? Revolution on the way !

Do you worry that every time you go to the opticians you will find out that you need much stronger glasses?  Read on!

Myopia is when you have trouble seeing things far away.  It happens when light entering your eye is focused before it reaches the back of your eye.  It gets worse if your eye gets longer over time.

Glasses can clear your central vision by bending the light so it focuses perfectly on the back of your eye.

However, standard glasses and contact lenses can leave the peripheral image focused behind the eye. This may stimulate the eye to grow longer in an effort to clear the peripheral image, causing you to become more short-sighted.

Professor Brian Holden in Australia has made an interesting discovery.  LEARN MORE ABOUT IT…

New lenses and contact lenses are going into production. These can focus the peripheral image on, or in front of, the retina.  This can reduce the likelihood of the eye elongating in an effort to clear it, slowing down the progression of your myopia. Watch this space for their availability at the practice.

Mary Browne FAOI