Life without glasses, but not in a good way!

optometery-giving-sightOptometry Giving Sight is a charity that helps provide eyecare and glasses to people in developing countries.  Ireland is paired with Mozambique.   Dublin Institute of Technology and University of Ulster have helped set up a college in Nampula to train local people as optometrists.  When qualified, they will be able to test vision and provide glasses to people in the area.

According to the Optometry Giving Sight website, there are currently only 17 ophthalmologists and even fewer optometrists and dispensing opticians in the country.  This is unbelievable for a country of 21 million people.  Those of us with poor eyesight can only imagine how difficult it would be to manage without our glasses.

Last year, we raised enough money to fund 297 people to receive an eye exam and glasses in Mozambique, and were awarded Practice of the Year for raising the most money from donation boxes in Ireland.  Thanks to all our patients who contributed to our donation box and cake sale.  Keep up the good work


Raising funds for Mozambique Eye Project with a cakesale at Rathmines

Mary Brown Optometrist and Maria Donlon Student Optometrist