Send up three and fourpence, we are going to a dance!

Send up reinforcements, we are going to advance…

The well known tale of doubtful authenticity from world war one is a story that happens every day!   We have all been in situations where we have had some difficulty with hearing what someone has said at some point. However, if you are asking people to repeat themselves more than usual, or you just pretend to have heard what they have said, why not have your hearing checked?

Hearing loss can affect you in different ways and can often leave you feeling out of the loop or conversation. Some people struggle with hearing conversation if there is background noise present or when in a group, such as a family gathering. It may be the case that the TV is at a louder sound level than your family members would like. Phone conversations can also be a problem as you lack visual aspect of conversation, such as expressions and lip reading. Or, perhaps you feel everyone else just speaks too low?
Whatever your issue with hearing difficulty is, a full hearing examination by a qualified professional using the latest technolgy will determine your hearing level, by measuring how well you can hear and prescribing the best solution.
Sometimes missing the point is a very big deal indeed.