Fantastic New Daily Lenses “TRUEYE” Amazing for dry eyes!

I have always had dry eyes, and find most lenses dry and uncomfortable after a few hours. This year, I wore Acuvue Trueye daily disposable contact lenses to the Christmas party, and had comfortable eyes all night! No more dry scratchy eyes!

Traditionally, contact lenses were made from a hydrogel material. This material contained a lot of water. Oxygen travelled through the water part of the lens to allow the eye to breathe.  However the amount of oxygen getting through to the eye was limited, and the water in the lens tended to evaporate during the day. This meant that eyes often felt dry and irritated after a few hours.

Manufacturers found that when silicone was added to the lens, the amount of oxygen getting through to the eye increased dramatically. This is much healthier for the eye.

Another benefit of silicone is that doesn’t dehydrate during the day so the eyes will be whiter and more comfortable.

Now, this silicone hydrogel material is available in daily disposable contact lenses, giving the ultimate in
health and hygiene. Great news for dry eyes!

‘TRUEYE’ Lenses… Fantastic for Dry Eyes!

Mary Browne FAOI Optometrist Rathmines.