Cheap Varifocals versus Superior Varifocals

  • Varifocals have the distance prescription at the top of the lens, so when you’re looking straight ahead, things should be clear far away.
  • There is a gradual change in the prescription from top to bottom of the lens, where your reading area is located.
  • Because all these powers are blended together in the lens, there are distortions at the sides of the lenses, and only a central channel in the lens has clear vision.

  • People with lower quality varifocals will notice that they have to move their head from side to side a lot when reading in order to keep within the narrow central zone in the lens.
  • Superior quality varifocals have less distortion than cheaper ones.  This means the wearer will have a wider clear zone in the lens, and enjoy greater comfort with the glasses.  You may still have to move your head a little from side to side when reading, but not nearly as much.
  • Like all superior products, they cost a bit extra compared to standard varifocals, but considering the added benefits, they’re well worth it.

The cheap varifocal has a narrow area of clear vision centrally, and a narrow area for computer and reading due to distortions at the lens edges.


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