Do you think your eyesight can’t be improved? Don’t give up!

Macular Degeneration is an eye condition where your central vision gets gradually worse over time, and fine detailed work like reading becomes more difficult.

Last year we saw a patient in her 80’s who suffered from macular degeneration.  She was having great difficulty reading, but assumed that nothing could be done to help her, as there’s no known cure for degeneration.  However, when her daughter brought her in for an eye test we found that she also had cataracts.  A cataract occurs when a clear jelly-like lens in one’s eye goes cloudy (usually with age), putting a shadow over the vision.

We referred the lady to an eye specialist in that field of expertise who removed the cataracts under operation.   The cloudy lens was replaced with a clear artificial one.  When a cataract is removed, the vision is no longer as dark and cloudy.  Things start to look much brighter, and colours appear more vivid again.

We got a lovely letter from her daughter saying that she is now playing scrabble again!  She wrote in the letter ‘Her quality of life has greatly improved.  I hope that people in similar situations are aware that there is a chance that their vision can be improved’.

Even if someone feels their vision can’t get better, it’s worth having regular eye checks, just in case. You can also take eye vitamins such as Macushield to help your chances of avoiding macular degeneration later in life.