Planning going skiing this year ?

Top Tips for Sports eye-wear over the next few weeks !

How you perform at sports often depends on your tools and gear. Hand-eye co-ordination is a critical success factor in most sports.  So over the next few weeks we will be sharing some of our secrets for enhanced visual recognition which hopefully will be relevant to your favourite sport.  I hope you enjoy the tips and put them into practice!

Firstly a little background:

Excessive Ultraviolet Light can cause you a lot of harm. Short-wave UV is present in sunlight and particularly at high altitudes, especially where the sun is reflected from the sand, snow or sea.

Tinted lenses are designed to operate at contrast filters to give you the edge when playing competitive sports. They absorb specific wavelengths of light and increase contrast, therefore providing enhanced visual recognition. You can see it faster than you opponent.

Tip No 1.

For Snow Skiing we recommend:

• Large slightly wrap spectacle frame for maximum protection
• Mirror tint to reflect UV
• Essilor Touareg Brown 12% LTF suitable for snow skiing, rock climbing,mountain biking and hiking
• Essilor Sherpa Brown 5% LTF suitable for glacier skiing and mountain climbing. Note as this level of tint  is a class 4  and therefore it is not suitable for daytime driving.