How do varifocals work ?

  • The top part of the lens has your distance prescription, so when you’re looking straight ahead, everything is clear far away.
  • There’s a gradual change in the prescription from distance at the top, to reading at the bottom.
  • Slightly below eye level, you have an intermediate prescription for computer use.  Your computer must be below eye level for clear vision with varifocals.
  • Unlike bifocals, in they have no dividing line on the lens, so nobody knows you’re wearing them.

  • Because all the powers are blended together in the one lens, there are distortions at the sides of the lens, so just a central channel in the lens is clear.
  • They’ll give you more area for doing things, and are easier to get used to.  It’s worth investing in good quality lenses, so you’ll have more comfort with the glasses.
  • They take up to two weeks to get used to, but once you realise how convenient they are, you’ll never look back… no more taking glasses on and off, and swapping between pairs!