Wet those dry watery eyes!

Did you know that watery eyes can be a symptom of dry eyes?

If your tears aren’t oily enough, they will evaporate more quickly, leaving your eyes red, gritty and dry.  When this happens, your eyes will compensate by producing extra tears. But because the tears aren’t good quality, they often run down your face, instead of remaining on your eye and doing the job they’re supposed to.

This can be more noticeable when you’re doing concentrated work like reading or driving, as your eyes become irritated when you blink less.  Also, when you’re outdoors, your eyes may also water as the wind also aggravates dry eyes.

There are numerous drops available for dry eyes.  Most of them are quite watery, and give only very temporary relief. Eye ointments will remain in your eyes for longer, but are quite greasy, so are usually only suitable for night time as they can blur your vision..

My favourite eye drops are Hylo-Tear. These have just the right consistency.  They are oily and silky, but not so viscous that they will blur your vision.  Every time you blink, they re-coat the eye, giving lasting relief.

They have a clever pump action, releasing each drop without letting germs in, so you can keep them for 3 months from opening if they’re not already empty!

They are slightly more expensive than other eye drops, but well worth it.

Mary Browne F.A.O.I.