Head to Head on sunglasses – Maui Jim V Adidas



This head to head competition between two well known sunglasses brands takes place in Dublin Bay.  Unfortunately we have not willing purchasers coming forward to buy our boat for sale in Dun Laoghaire.

So its time to get Fiddly Bits ready for racing again.   Now I  can compare and contrast my Maui Jim prescription sunglasses in a head to head with Addidas Sports prescription sunglasses.  So if you are a sailor or spend time on the water, this is for you!

First the Adidas



These frames give you real confidence if you need to give it your all.  The lens block is clipped securely to inside of the frame.  This means that no matter what your prescription, it can be accommodated with these frames.  Your vision is also good quality because the lenses are close to your eyes giving a good all round visibility.

What is amazing about these frame is that every bit of them clips together. Yes, each side, the nose pad, the darkened outer lenses and the inner lens block.  This means that if you get a knock, your frame wont dig into your face. They crumple like a crumple zone of a car, thus protecting your eyes, while not damaging your spectacles.  I have had a few knocks or bangs off other crew members and believe it, these are the frames to wear for close contact sports.   They also come as standard with alternative shades.  The mirror ones are particularly useful if your previous night was too late!.

Next up: the Maui Jim sunglasses:


These are more in the tradition of traditional sunglasses, but there is a huge difference.  When you are a skipper on a boat,  your hands are full and you cant afford to be putting on and taking off sunglasses and leaving them on the deck to get thrashed.

However most days in Ireland are not endless sunny days, but rather slightly overcast, partially sunny etc.  This is where the Maui Jim’s score ahead of any sunglasses I have ever worn.   Maui Jim prescription sunglasses are designed to optimize light and contrast in lower light conditions. Thus they really do give you and edge when spotting marks out on the bay.  They are truly of outstanding optical quality and the sunglasses for Captains, main sheet trimmers and strategists.   They also look cool and are incredibly comfortable.

Conclusion: If your sport is in the high impact environment, the Addidas have the edge. However if you just want the kind of sunglasses you could wear all evening the Maui Jim’s have got to be the choice.

PJ Timmins – Sailor in Dunlaoghaire