What’s happening to my eyes ? I’m forty something!

Do you sometimes feel that your arms are not long enough or that the light is too poor for reading or that print is getting smaller ? Are you now over 40 ? Your eyes are the window to your body and unfortunately like the rings which age a tree, the progressive deterioration in the ability of our lens to focus is directly related to our age.

It is a natural consequence of the aging process and impacts you even if you never had a eye sight problem before.  We often hear of people who claim that they never required reading glasses, even though they were well past 50. They often had an undiagnosed prescription for short sightedness (They could not see perfectly in the distance).

While symptoms such as fatigue while using computers or doing close work, headaches, eyestrain, inability to read small print,  can present suddenly, it generally has developed over a period of time.

The lens prescription you will require will be determined by a combination of computerised readings and Optometric skill and experience.  However you should look on this as the beginning of taking better care of yourself. Your body needs more care at is ages to ensure you can enjoy life to the fullest.  Your sight exam will include a wide range of checks for diseases which become more prevalent with age.  After all looking through they eye is the only way to look inside the body without invasive techniques such as surgery.  Care for your eyes and your health, your real wealth.
alt : Vision after 40