Top Lawyer Framed in Charity Gig!

Our Nation may not have been as great as we thought we were, only a short while ago,  but we still have much to be thankful for and to be proud of.  Many people across the globe are far less fortunate than we are in Ireland. Our designated African charity, which seeks to support those who have been much less fortunate by reason of their birth place,  is Connect Ethiopia.

Connect Ethiopia tries to deal solely with the cause of poverty rather than the consequences of poverty. That is why it is different.  Connect Ethiopia understands that; when people trade with each other, each adds value in a way that creates more than the sum of their individual skills and contributions.
One of our contributions this year was a voucher for any frame and lenses in the practice. One very kind supporter of the charity donated €800 towards our voucher and towards the cause.  The lady in question is one of Ireland’s leading lawyers and  is a true aficionado of taste and quality and sports what is probably the best wardrobe of eyewear you will ever see.
This is the frame she selected.   So watch out and make sure she is on your team.