Optician Saves Life

The recent case in which an optometrist saved a mother of three’s life is living proof of the value in having your eyes examined regularly by a qualified Irish optician.  Well done to Mr Morrin who carried out his professional duty as a qualified optometrist. Mr Morrin is a registered Optometrist by the Association of Optometrists and by the Opticians board in Ireland, as are most practicing opticians in Ireland.

Opticians are not all the same.  Not every person called an “Optician” is a qualified one.  However all opticians in Ireland must, by law, employ qualified optometrists who are registered with the Opticians Board in Ireland if they are to professionally examine eyes and issue prescriptions for corrective lenses.

It’s up to you to decide where you go, to ensure you get the best service.

The following questions may be helpful in deciding which Optometrist is best for you.

  1. Will your optician give sufficient time (min 20-30 minutes) for a thorough eye examination?
  2. Does the optician’s practice have the latest eye technology to give more accurate readings and record fundus photography ?
  3. Does the optician have a mix of young and mature optometrist staff who combine experience and the latest clinical practices seen in the best opticians ?
  4. Does the optician have sufficient throughput to ensure Optometrists are experienced and have experience with a variety of eye disorders?