Top 5 Threats to your eyes – Diabetic Retinopathy


  • Diabetes is a condition where the body doesn’t have enough insulin, or doesn’t use insulin effectively.
  • Type 1 diabetes
    • Usually in people under 40
    • Body produces no insulin
    • Must use insulin injections to compensate


  • Type 2 diabetes
    • Usually people over 45
    • Body doesn’t produce enough insulin, or can’t use the insulin properly
    • Can sometimes be controlled by exercise and diet, or may also need medication
    • More common in obese people


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Top 5 threats to your eyes 4 of 5

Retinal Detachment

We continue this series of top threats to your eyes by Mary Browne F.A.O.I. who is based at our Rathmines branch. Retinal detachments are something that we tend to associate with the outdoor life and the traumas we put ourselves through when enjoying sports, adventure and sheer mishaps. However age also has a role to play.  Firstly a bit about your retina, what it does and what can happen to it.

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