Top 5 threats to your eyes 3 of 5

We continue this series of top threats to your eyes by Mary Browne F.A.O.I. who is based at our Rathmines branch.  Cataracts are something we can look forward to see much more of as we all live longer.  Perhaps some day we can look forward to a less invasive solution to curing the problem.


There’s a lens inside the eye like a clear lump of jelly.  When we’re younger, it changes shape to help you focus up close.  Over time, this lens can become cloudy, causing blurred vision.

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Top 5 eyesight threats: 2 of 5


In this series, Mary Browne FAOI continues to let us know about  the top five threats to your eyesight. The blog is a bit longer than our unusual ones as we “deep dive” into these top five threats  to your eyesight.  Today we look at Macular degeneration. Macular degeneration can have a devastating impact on your independence.  One of my colleagues died a few years ago, and then his widow developed macular degeneration. Her independence was completely gone and her social life changed dramatically. By our nature we are more optimistic than realistic. We over estimate how long we will live, how much money we will earn etc. However with a few sensible precautions, we can help our optimism become more realistic and live that quality of live we desire.

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