I calculated my risk of AMD and I was surprised !

I lead a healthy life style and have no AMD (Age related Macular Degeneration) history in my family, but yet it was calculated that I would have a 20% risk of being affected by AMD by the age of 70.  Not a very nice thought. There were a number of simple steps that could reduce the risk by 10% points. That is something worth doing.

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A Workout for your eyes

Exercise your Eyes!

When you think of exercise, you think of heavy workouts.

We do not realise the importance of exercising our eyes as well as the rest of your body.

Muscles including the eye muscles need exercise to remain strong and healthy.

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Can Nuts and Seafood help you see better ?

Nuts and Seafood can help you see better !

Deficiency in essential fatty acids such as Omega 3 & 6 can lead to visual problems including poor night vision and other problems with visual, spatial and attention processing.

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Flights dry your eyes out

Going on a plane this summer..?

If you are planning a journey by air this summer, here are some handy tips for lens wearers:

  • Bring some eye drops in your hand luggage and use them whenever your eyes feel dry during the flight.
  • The air conditioning on planes recirculates the air and can dry up the surface of your eyes. This can cause them to feel uncomfortable and irritated.
  • On long flights it is advisable to remove your contact lenses and wear your spectacles during the flight. This will help stop your eyes from feeling gritty and tired, leaving you ready to enjoy your holiday.