If your kid has a lazy eye, fix it before they are 7 or 8!


A lazy eye means that one eye can’t see as well as the other, even when wearing glasses or contact lenses.

 If the cause is not treated before the age of 7 or 8, it is likely that the vision in the bad eye will be permanently impaired.  Judging distances may be more difficult, and if anything happens to the good eye, the person may not have legal vision for driving.

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Enjoy your cycling with the right lenses

Tip no 4

For Cycling we recommend:
• A large wrap style frame and sports band eg: Adidas sports range
• Polarised lenses to reduce surface glare and absorb UV
• Essilor Inuit polarising yellow 30% LTF for road cycling or
Touareg Brown 12% LTF for mountain biking
• Airwear Transitions VI lenses with Scotchgard Forte coating –
hydrophobic and smudge repellent