Elegance and Comfort



Catherine ZETA-JONES and Face à Face in the film

In Bart Freundlich’s latest movie, «The Rebound», Catherine Zeta-Jones wears model MUSES3 Col.097.

The sober, refined sculpture of the MUSES’ front, highlights the subtle two-tone combinations
that will appeal to men and women seeking elegance and comfort.



Have your child’s grades dropped at school ?

Confession of an Optometrist

Vision and learning – my story!

Aged 10, I had always been one of the “clever” students in school. Aged 11. my grades were slipping, I was falling behind other students in my class, was having difficulty staying focussed and  was struggling  to pass tests I would have aced before. The reason? Increasing shortsightedness and astigmatism meant I couldn’t see the board, was taking longer to read, needed to hold my books almost up to my face and could barely read the expression on my teacher’s face.

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Lenses you can’t get in an hour!

The following video from Australia shows the kind of work undertaken in a large optical glazing laboratory.  We only use third party laboratories  as each has specialist expertise.

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