Why buy your glasses where you get your eye test?

It’s nice to go back to the same person for your eye test every time.  Most people tend to stick to the same optician that they know and trust when having their eyes tested.

In the current economic climate, it’s tempting to shop around when buying their glasses in the hope that you will find the best deal.

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Cork Week – Sailing Paradise – Maui Jims prevail

It was truly astonishing to see the number of Maui Jim sunglasses being supported at the Biennial  Cork week sailing event.  While many sunglasses look the same, the Maui Jim sunglasses case sets them apart.

They are big – so you wont forget them. They are incredible strong so no matter what abuse you give them, you favourite sunglasses are fully protected, when you are not wearing them.

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Something floating in your eye ?

Flashes and Floaters

These can be a sign of retinal detachment, where the inside of the eye peels away from where it should be.

  • Some of the signs of retinal detachment are
    • Flashing lights
    • Floaters
    • Shadow coming over your vision

(either from the top down, or from the side coming inwards)

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