EyeBag soothes Dry, Red-Rimmed Eyes

  • If tears aren’t oily enough, they evaporate more quickly than normal causing the eyes to feel gritty and dry.
  • In Meibomian Gland Dysfunction, the oil-producing glands in the eyelids are blocked by waxy deposits that don’t melt at body temperature.

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How do varifocals work ?

  • The top part of the lens has your distance prescription, so when you’re looking straight ahead, everything is clear far away.
  • There’s a gradual change in the prescription from distance at the top, to reading at the bottom.
  • Slightly below eye level, you have an intermediate prescription for computer use.  Your computer must be below eye level for clear vision with varifocals.
  • Unlike bifocals, in they have no dividing line on the lens, so nobody knows you’re wearing them.

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Is short-sightedness genetic ?

Not necessarily!

A study done was done in the past by Dr Young in Alaska.  He checked the vision of 130 Eskimos who were being introduced to American society.  The parents were illiterate.  They did outdoor activities like hunting, and hardly any close work.   Only 2 people out of 130 (1.5%) were found to be short sighted.  The 2 that were, only had a small amount of myopia.

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