Can smoking affect my eyes?

Smoking has been linked to various eye conditions.  One of the most serious is macular degeneration.

As it progresses, macular degeneration means a loss of central vision, affecting your ability to read, drive and recognize faces.  It is a leading cause of blindness in people over 65.  There is no known cure.

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Help I have hay fever !

I love the smells of spring but every year it brings on hayfever!

Hayfever is an allergic reaction to pollen.  As well the usual symptoms such as stuffy nose and sneezing, your eyes can also be affected.  They may get red, watery, and very itchy.  This can be extremely irritating, but you may find some of the following tips helpful.

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Squinting in the Summer Sun ?

Its a beautiful morning, the sun is shining today. Perhaps you will be squinting without even realising it.

Transition lenses may be the answer for you.

These lenses change colour depending on the amount of sunshine (UV light), saving you the hassle of swapping between clear glasses and prescription sunglasses.

Now is a great time to try them out.

From now until September 31st we are offering a

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Wet those dry watery eyes!

Did you know that watery eyes can be a symptom of dry eyes?

If your tears aren’t oily enough, they will evaporate more quickly, leaving your eyes red, gritty and dry.  When this happens, your eyes will compensate by producing extra tears. But because the tears aren’t good quality, they often run down your face, instead of remaining on your eye and doing the job they’re supposed to.

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Don’t let astigmatism limit you!

Do you have astigmatism?

Have you been told in the past that contact lenses aren’t an option for you?  You’ll be delighted to hear that in recent years, there have been several advances in ‘toric’ contact lenses for astigmatism.  They are now even available in disposables (use once and throw away).  This means that you can now enjoy clear vision with contact lenses despite having astigmatism.

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These are my spectacles !

These are just the lightest most versatile spectacles I have ever worn.






I am thrilled this evening to get my new green and red sides for my Dilem’ spectacles. See the blog below for the Corporate video on the spectacles. These are mine.

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What’s happening to my eyes ? I’m forty something!

Do you sometimes feel that your arms are not long enough or that the light is too poor for reading or that print is getting smaller ? Are you now over 40 ? Your eyes are the window to your body and unfortunately like the rings which age a tree, the progressive deterioration in the ability of our lens to focus is directly related to our age.

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Are Green Energy Bulbs damaging your eyes ?

It was recently brought to our attention by an eye specialist that the amount of Ultra Violet radiation emitted by many of the new green energy bulbs is equivalent to being out on a sunny day. Would you expose your eyes to that level of radiation with out UV protection on your sunglasses ?

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Top Lawyer Framed in Charity Gig!

Our Nation may not have been as great as we thought we were, only a short while ago,  but we still have much to be thankful for and to be proud of.  Many people across the globe are far less fortunate than we are in Ireland. Our designated African charity, which seeks to support those who have been much less fortunate by reason of their birth place,  is Connect Ethiopia.

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Chanel Sunglasses

Luxottica are the largest suppliers of frames in the world. They have most of the big names as part of their brand portfolio, including such designers as Chanel, Bvlgari, Burberry, RayBan, Dolce & Gabanna, and Vogue. We have been one of the first Elite Suppliers for the most exclusive frames not generally available elsewhere.

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Optician Saves Life

The recent case in which an optometrist saved a mother of three’s life is living proof of the value in having your eyes examined regularly by a qualified Irish optician.  Well done to Mr Morrin who carried out his professional duty as a qualified optometrist. Mr Morrin is a registered Optometrist by the Association of Optometrists and by the Opticians board in Ireland, as are most practicing opticians in Ireland.

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