15 Seconds to Impact ….

Silhouette Style Day


We recently had great event in our Blanchardstown practice. Victoria Graham,
a trained colour-me-beautiful style consultant came to the practice, along with a
representative from Silhouette eyewear. They brought along the complete range of
Silhouette rimless frames in all sizes, shapes and colours available, giving maximum
choice to the patients booked in that day.

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So why Polarised Sunglasses?

Polarised sunglass lenses are far superior at cutting out glare than basic tinted lenses.   Also, they are not overly dark to look through, so you don’t have to constantly take them on and off when the clouds come out.

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Gorgeous Gucci Glamour

Absolutely loving the new range of Gucci frames.


I treated myself to this pair… super-comfy and très chicI love the way they look different colours depending on the way the light catches them.

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Superior Quality progressive lenses

What is the difference between a Superior quality progressive lens and a simple progressive lens?
The difference is often found in the quality of the workmanship or in the age of the progressive lens design. While Superior quality progressive lenses are developed and manufactured with the help of the latest calculation and manufacturing methods, simple progressive lenses often have outdated designs. Read More »

Should I discourage my child getting contact lenses ?


I often see older kids and teenagers for an eye test and there’s sometimes a question at the end-“when am I suitable for contact lenses?” or “Ben plays a lot of sport and his glasses really get in the way, is there any solution?”.

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Something great has become even better !


UV exposure is dangerous not only for our skin, it can also damage the inside of our eyes.  This can contribute to several eye diseases such as cataracts and macular degeneration.  Even in cloudy weather, there is still a certain amount of UV radiation.

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Fashionista Flavours in Rathmines



On Tuesday night 27th March, a fundraising fashion show for the Harold’s Cross hospice was held in the Swan Centre.  It was a 1920’s themed night, organised by Rathmines Senior College.

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“Too Old for Contact lenses? Probably Not!

For myopic ( or shortsighted) people the choice is made early in life. If you are 16 and can’t see past the end of your arm, you know you need to wear corrective lenses most or all of the time and for these teenagers, contact lenses are an obvious choice. You can play sports with them, you have good all-round vision and importantly, even for those who love their fashion spectacle frames, contact lenses are a good choice on nights out. The vast majority of our first-time contact lens wearers are in their teens or early twenties and the majority of these are short-sighted.

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Are you always cleaning your glasses ?

Some cheaper anti-glare coatings can make glasses very difficult to keep clean.  These budget coatings get smudged very easily, should anything touch them.  Most glasses wearers know how irritating it can be, constantly cleaning grubby lenses.

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Are Polarised Sunglasses better than normal Sunglasses?

When looking at a flat surface like a road, the surface of still water, or the bonnet of a car, there is a lot of light reflected from the surface.  This can be very dazzling and cause a lot of glare.  Most of the light from a surface like this is reflected in the horizontal direction instead of being scattered in several directions.
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Colour Vision Deficiency …. What difference does it make ?

Colour vision is the ability to see differences in the wavelength of light reflected by different objects.  

Some people find it difficult to distinguish between certain colours.  This is known as colour deficiency.  The most common colours that people mix up are red and green.    Approximately 8% of men, and 0.5% of women have colour deficiency.  A simple test will determine if your colour vision is normal.   Read More »

Help stop your Child’s vision deteriorating!

Does your child need stronger glasses nearly every time they visit the optician? Do you wish you could help to stop the vision deteriorating?

Time Spent Outdoors

  • One of the only things proven to slow myopia progression is the amount of time spent outdoors.
  • Regardless of how much reading or computer work is done indoors, time spent outside will help stop vision deteriorating. So it seems it’s ok to allow your child play computer games, once you send them outside afterwards!
  • Research done in Australia has shown that 12 hours a week spent outdoors is beneficial for this purpose.

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Would you child benefit from Contact Lenses ?

Growing up can be a difficult experience at times, and it can be nice to have the option of contact lenses for certain occasions.

Recently, one of our optometrists fitted a 10 year old boy with contacts. He enjoyed playing sports, but found that glasses could be cumbersome, and there was always a risk of the glasses getting damaged.

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Tip: Reading by the pool in comfort ?

So you have prescription sunglasses for all your outdoor activities, but reading outdoors is something you only do when on holidays.

Tip: Upgrade your free second pair of prescription spectacles to a pair of sunglasses with a multifocal lenses and read in comfort by the pool.