Life is for living, no matter what your age.

Patient aged 90 treats herself to new Versace spectacles, you can too!

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Only last week one of our regular patients decided to make a fashion statement and treat herself to a beautiful Versace frame. Without knowing the brand before she made her final decision – she chose it on the basis of comfort, fit & quality.  So age does not matter when it comes to style and taste.  Discerning clients develop a lifetime of making good choices and feel good about their decisions.

Reserve or buy glasses from your phone

Book, Browse, Buy or Reserve Online for spectacles – Mairead O’Leary Opticians launch Ireland’s first full line optical e-commerce mobile enabled website.

Dublin, Ireland – Mairead O’Leary announced today the launch of Ireland’s first online store where you can buy online or place on hold spectacle frames of your choice at  Your frame will be reserved for 48 hours before being made available for sale. Speaking about the launch Mairead O’Leary said “Convenience, choice and client assurance that we have the product available for viewing or purchase are the cornerstones of our web offering”. Read More »

Top 5 Threats to your eyes – Diabetic Retinopathy


  • Diabetes is a condition where the body doesn’t have enough insulin, or doesn’t use insulin effectively.
  • Type 1 diabetes
    • Usually in people under 40
    • Body produces no insulin
    • Must use insulin injections to compensate


  • Type 2 diabetes
    • Usually people over 45
    • Body doesn’t produce enough insulin, or can’t use the insulin properly
    • Can sometimes be controlled by exercise and diet, or may also need medication
    • More common in obese people


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Top 5 threats to your eyes 4 of 5

Retinal Detachment

We continue this series of top threats to your eyes by Mary Browne F.A.O.I. who is based at our Rathmines branch. Retinal detachments are something that we tend to associate with the outdoor life and the traumas we put ourselves through when enjoying sports, adventure and sheer mishaps. However age also has a role to play.  Firstly a bit about your retina, what it does and what can happen to it.

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Top 5 threats to your eyes 3 of 5

We continue this series of top threats to your eyes by Mary Browne F.A.O.I. who is based at our Rathmines branch.  Cataracts are something we can look forward to see much more of as we all live longer.  Perhaps some day we can look forward to a less invasive solution to curing the problem.


There’s a lens inside the eye like a clear lump of jelly.  When we’re younger, it changes shape to help you focus up close.  Over time, this lens can become cloudy, causing blurred vision.

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Top 5 eyesight threats: 2 of 5


In this series, Mary Browne FAOI continues to let us know about  the top five threats to your eyesight. The blog is a bit longer than our unusual ones as we “deep dive” into these top five threats  to your eyesight.  Today we look at Macular degeneration. Macular degeneration can have a devastating impact on your independence.  One of my colleagues died a few years ago, and then his widow developed macular degeneration. Her independence was completely gone and her social life changed dramatically. By our nature we are more optimistic than realistic. We over estimate how long we will live, how much money we will earn etc. However with a few sensible precautions, we can help our optimism become more realistic and live that quality of live we desire.

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Top 5 eyesight threats : 1 of 5

What comes before death and taxes ?

There are so many things out there to “get you” and one day, one of them will succeed. But you hope it will be very old age. It may feel like there is not a lot you can do about it. However if you take some sensible precautions, it can make a big difference to ensuring you extend the quality of your life.

Mary Browne – Optometrist will tell us about the top five threats to your eyesight over the next few months.  Normally our blogs are short, but these will go into a little more depth for those interested in the topics.

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Are you getting more short-sighted ? Revolution on the way !

Do you worry that every time you go to the opticians you will find out that you need much stronger glasses?  Read on!

Myopia is when you have trouble seeing things far away.  It happens when light entering your eye is focused before it reaches the back of your eye.  It gets worse if your eye gets longer over time.

Glasses can clear your central vision by bending the light so it focuses perfectly on the back of your eye.

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Your World – Bring it to life

I am just such a fan of Maui Jim sunglasses. Why ? Really comfortable frames, fantastic wraparound features, and lenses that really bring your world alive. Discover how.

Life without glasses, but not in a good way!

optometery-giving-sightOptometry Giving Sight is a charity that helps provide eyecare and glasses to people in developing countries.  Ireland is paired with Mozambique.   Dublin Institute of Technology and University of Ulster have helped set up a college in Nampula to train local people as optometrists.  When qualified, they will be able to test vision and provide glasses to people in the area.

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Blue Tooth for you Ear

The quiet revolution in push-button hearing technology makes a giant leap for users ! 

Do you currently wear hearing aids? If so, do you feel that they could be better?

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The Kiss of Deaf …

According to Reuters, A young woman in southern China has partially lost her hearing after her boyfriend ruptured her eardrum during an excessively passionate kiss, local media reported on Monday.

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Send up three and fourpence, we are going to a dance!

Send up reinforcements, we are going to advance…

The well known tale of doubtful authenticity from world war one is a story that happens every day!   We have all been in situations where we have had some difficulty with hearing what someone has said at some point. However, if you are asking people to repeat themselves more than usual, or you just pretend to have heard what they have said, why not have your hearing checked?

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